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things to do after the holidays

This is exactly how I feel after the holidays! 😂 It is the last Monday of the year, what are your goals for next year? . Write down some goals, whether it be to save money, get healthier, reduce stress, take chances, whatever it may be, write it down. Now …

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last minute australia fire what condition

More than 200 fires are still burning in Australia and, on Friday, 2 of the biggest infernos merged into what officials call a “mega-fire.” The mega-fire straddles the country’s 2 hardest-hit and most populous states, New South Wales and Victoria. So far, flames have blackened an area the size of …

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determined how much damage caused by australian fire

Exhausted firefighters on Australia’s Kangaroo Island took a break on Friday from battling the country’s worst bushfires in decades. Roughly one-third of the South Australian island has been scorched by the fires, NASA satellite images show. Thousands of firefighters are struggling to contain the massive blazes across the country.

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which one is best

RonaldoRamosI think it can be an ideal competition my man reus both the team works for both fans lovers attack or defender will win your choice whichever you tell us the winner will explain

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When will 2020 be the first full moon

Skywatchers have been treated to the first full moon of 2020 🌓- known as a “wolf moon”🐺- at the same time as a lunar eclipse. The phenomenon saw the moon move into Earth’s penumbra, or outer shadow, causing it to look darker than normal. These stunning pictures were captured in …

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australia last minute

Follow ➡️➡️Tens of thousands of people marched in student-led climate protests across Australia on Friday, calling on the government to do more to stop the deadly bushfires ravaging large swaths of the country. The protests, organized by national student organization Uni Students for Climate Justice, pushed for five main demands: …

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