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baby vision development process

Vision development is different in every child. 🔹
-20-2 months: From a distance of 25-50cm, he sees the light, vivid and monochrome (except blue), bright and large objects, looks at the light. He notices his mother. It sees the surrounding objects better than those in the center. Vision is about 5 percent.
-32-3 months: He can come to the eye with someone who looks closely at him. It begins to track light and vibrant colored, bright, large objects moving on the horizontal axis. After a while, it starts to watch light and vibrant colored, bright, large objects moving on the vertical axis. Circular rotating objects tracking is the last to develop.
👉3-6 months: It detects the location of vividly colored, bright, large objects and tries to keep them.
-106-10 months: You can see and try to grab more and more smaller objects from a distance (1-3 m). If he sees half of an object he knew before, he can guess and recognize it all. Vision is about ten percent.
-1810-18 months: Can see objects at greater distances (3-6m), recognize people.
👉18 months: Can clearly see and recognize the details of the toys and the pictures in the picture books.
👉24 months: Can see the smallest detail of objects, distinguish similarities and differences.
Yaş3 years: His vision has reached about 80 percent of adult vision.

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